Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wind Energy Web Links

Links to Wind Energy Resources
Here are some links to Wind Energy websites to help you learn more about this exciting industry.
Wind Energy Headlines
Latest Wind Energy News from Google News
Large-Scale Turbine Manufacturers
Worldwide Associations
Northern Power Systems
American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
The Wind Turbine Company
National Wind Coordinating Committee
WindPowering America
NEG - Micon
Utility Wind Interest Group
Australian Wind Energy Association
Austrian Wind Energy Association
Belgium Les Compagnons d'Eole
Brazilian Center for Wind Energy (CBEE)
Bonus Energy
British Wind Energy Association
Canadian Wind Energy Association
Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association
GE Wind Energy
Danish Wind Turbine Owner Association

Dutch Statistics on Wind Energy

European Wind Energy Association
Small-Scale Projects / Manufacturers
Estonia Wind Energy Association
DanMar and Associates
Finnish Wind Power Association
Bergey Windpower Company
German Wind Energy Association
Southwest Windpower
German Wind Energy Institute
German Windpower Federation
Pitch Wind Ab
Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturer's Association
Indian Wind Energy Association (InWEA)
Atlantic Orient Corporation
Irish Energy Centre
WindTech International, L.L.C.
Irish Wind Energy Association
Wind Turbine Industries Corporation
Polish Wind Energy Association
Wind Power Tutorials
New Zealand Wind Energy Association
Franklin Institute
Norwegian Wind Power Association Tutorial
South African Wind Energy Association
Small Wind - State-by-State
Windpower Monthly Magazine
Swedish Wind Energy Association

World Wind Energy Association

Wind Energy Action
Projects and General Information
Addison Wisconsin Wind Project Resources
Offshore Wind Energy Network (OWEN)
Akron-Westfield Iowa Wind Energy Project
West Texas University Alternative Energy Institute
Oklahoma Wind Power Assessment Initiative
American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)
OurWind Co-op
Basin Electric ND Wind Projects
Plains Organization for Wind Energy Resources
Bison Land Resource Ctr. Wind Energy
Platte River Power Authority Wind Energy Page
Cape Wind Associates
Prairie Power
Colorado Wind Power
PSC of Colorado Windsource Program
Community Energy, Inc.
Renewable Energy Analysis Studies Network
Offshore Wind Energy in Europe Project
Renewable Energy Research Laboratory
Crookwell Wind Farm (Australia)
Risø Wind Energy Program
UK: Proposed Offshore Wind Farm Locations
Desert Sky Wind Project (TX)
The Rosebud Sioux Tribe Wind Farm
Deutsche Energie Offshore Wind
Sky Wind Power
SD Prairie Winds Program
Southern Alliance for Clean Air
El Paso Electric Hueco Mountain Wind Ranch
Spirit Lake IA Wind Energy Project
Energy Northwest
Stateline Wind Project
Eugene, OR Wind Energy Site
Sustainable Energy Development Authority
Forest City High School (IA) Wind Project
Sustainable Minnesota
Fort Collins Utilities Wind Energy Page
Tennessee Valley Authority's Wind Energy
FPL Energy
Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group
Graninge (Sweden)
Texas Wind Energy Project
Wind Energy in Hawaii
Tomen Corporation's Wind Projects
Hull, MA Wind Project
Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative
Hydro Tasmania (Australia)
Tri-State Generation Wind Energy Project
The International Centre for Island Technology
TXU Trent Mesa Project
Iowa Energy Center's Renewable Energy Section
Utility Wind Interest Group
Iowa Renewable Energy Association
Waverly Light and Power's Wind Energy
Iowa Wind Farms
WE Energies Wind Project
Iowa Wind Power
Western Power's Wind Projects
Iowa Wind Resource Maps
Western Resources Wind
Kennemerwind Cooperative (Netherlands)
Wind Energy Council
Kewaunee County WI Wind Energy Project
Wind Energy Research Group
Lincoln NE Electric System Wind Program
Wind Power in Wisconsin
Long Island Offshore Wind Initiative
Low Wind Speed Turbine Project (WI)
Mackinaw City, Michigan Wind Project

Madison Gas and Electric's Wind Energy site

The Netherlands Energy Research Foundation

ND Sustainable Energy for Econ. Dev.

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