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Scottish Wind Power

Creating power a breeze for Scots

Scottish wind farms produced enough power for 300,000 homesScotland is the windiest country in Europe, producing enough wind power last month for all the homes in Edinburgh and Dundee.
According to Scottish Power, wind farms produced enough electricity in January to cater for more than 300,000 homes.
Over an average year, Scottish wind farms operate at about 35% capacity. Last month that reached 50%, with one wind farm in Argyll hitting 65%.
Capacity in Scotland is expected to double by the end of the year.
Scottish Power claims the figures show wind power is coming of age.
The Scottish Executive has committed itself to generating 40% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

Deep Water Wind Farms

Researcher Explores Potential of Deep-Water Wind Farms
James Manwell, a research associate professor in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department of University of Massachusetts Amherst, jokingly calls his current research into offshore deep-water wind farms the “Not Nantucket Sound Project,” referring to the controversy stirred up by a proposed shallow-water wind farm in the waters between Cape Cod and Nantucket.
Manwell and his research colleagues on campus and at MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution are sharing a nearly $600,000, one-year pilot grant to begin the design of the next generation of offshore wind turbines that will not only avoid the controversy dogging the Nantucket Sound proposal, but tap into a vast amount of wind energy.
“If you’re just fighting over water that’s only 60 feet deep,” says Manwell, “there’s a significant but not huge amount of energy. But deep water has the potential for wind farms going out to 200 miles. That would mean an enormous energy potential.”
One essential debate that the pilot project will deal with is whether to make wind turbines float or make them bottom-mounted, as in oil rigs. The planning will also deal with optimizing layouts for offshore wind farms by determining the most favorable water depth, distance from shore, spacing between turbines and wind-wave environment. To help sort out these issues, researchers will collect data with remote-sensing “SODAR,” which Manwell describes as “conceptually similar to sonar or radar.” There will also be extensive computer modeling of wind-farm scenarios, including simulations of positive impacts wind farms would have on the utility grid and air pollution.
The Offshore Wind Energy Collaborative, as the research consortium is called, is being funded by the Massachusetts Technical Collaborative, the General Electric Wind Energy Division and the U.S. Department of Energy.
Posted 28th February 2005

Vestas Wind Farm in North Dakota

Company developing small wind farm in North DakotaXcel Energy Inc. plans to buy power for next 20 years
Subsidiaries of a Danish wind developer plan to construct 18 wind turbines just north of Velva, N.D., and sell the electricity to Xcel Energy Inc.
The 12 megawatts of power is enough to provide electricity for a town of 6,000 people, and the project could be expanded in the future, said Laurence Greene, a vice president of Global Renewable Energy Partners Inc.
Greene, Gov. John Hoeven and Mark Nisbet, Xcel Energy's top North Dakota executive, spoke at a Tuesday news conference held in Minot to announce the project. PlainStates Energy, a Fargo wind developer, is another partner in the Velva project, Greene said.
Greene said construction on the $10 million development should begin in June, and be completed by year's end. The site has been monitored for wind energy potential for two years, and lease agreements signed with eight landowners for rights to use almost 2,000 acres of land.
Xcel Energy has about 85,000 North Dakota electric customers, mostly in Fargo, West Fargo, Grand Forks and Minot. Xcel has agreed to buy the project's electricity for 20 years, Nisbet said.
Global Renewable Energy Partners, which has a U.S. office in La Jolla, Calif., is a subsidiary of Vestas Wind Systems A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark. Vestas also is providing the wind turbines.
It is the second wind farm project planned for the area. An American subsidiary of ScottishPower PLC of Glasgow has notified the state Public Service Commission that it may construct as many as 100 wind turbines east of Rugby this summer.
From The Associated Press

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Cartier Wind Energy

February 25, 2005 02:10 PM US Eastern Timezone Cartier Wind Energy to Become Quebec's Largest Wind Energy Producer LONGUEUIL, Quebec--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 25, 2005--TransCanada (TSX:TRP) (NYSE:TRP):
Cartier Wind Energy is pleased to announce that long term Electricity Supply Contracts have been signed today with Hydro-Quebec Distribution for 740 megawatts (MW) of wind power projects located in the Gaspesie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine region and the Regional County Municipality of Matane. With these agreements, Cartier Wind Energy will become the largest wind energy producer in the province of Quebec. The assets related to the wind power projects are indirectly co-owned by TransCanada Corporation (62%) and Innergex II Income Fund (38%).
This signing follows the October 2004 announcement of Cartier Wind Energy's successful bid in response to Hydro-Quebec Distribution's call for tenders. The long-term Electricity Supply Contracts will be presented to the Regie de l'energie for approval.
"We are pleased to execute these agreements which are the result of four years of work and we are thankful to the community of Gaspesie for supporting these important green energy projects," said Gilles Lefrancois, Chairman of the Board of Cartier Wind Energy.
These projects represent an investment of more than $1.1 billion and will be commissioned beginning in 2006 and continue up to 2012. The projects are Baie des Sables (109.5MW), Anse a Valleau (100.5MW), Carleton (109.5MW), Les Mechins (150MW), Montagne-Seche (58.5MW) and Gros-Morne I and II (211.5MW). The projects' total annual production will represent 2.3 terawatthours (TWh), the energy required to meet the electricity needs of about 150,000 households in the province of Quebec. Cartier Wind Energy has already begun the environmental permitting process for the 2006 projects in close collaboration with local communities and suppliers, and has received a positive response from the regional population following the introduction of the projects.
TransCanada Corporation Profile
TransCanada is a leading North American energy company, focused on natural gas transmission and power services. TransCanada's network of approximately 41,000 kilometres of pipeline transports the majority of Western Canada's natural gas production to the fastest growing markets in Canada and the United States. Including TransCanada's interest in Cartier Wind Energy, TransCanada owns, controls or is constructing more than 5100 MW of power - an equal amount of power can meet the needs of about 5.1 million average households.
Innergex II Income Fund Profile
Innergex II Income Fund ("Innergex II") is a private open-ended trust that was created in 2001 to build, own and operate hydroelectric power plants and wind farms in North America. In addition to being a partner in Cartier Wind Energy, Innergex II owns, operates and develops more than 300 MW hydroelectric projects. Innergex II has executed a cooperation agreement with Innergex Power Income Fund ("Fund"), a public open-ended income trust created in July 2003 and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (IEF.UN), pursuant to which any project developed by Innergex II is offered to the Fund before being offered to any other third party. The Fund indirectly owns nine hydroelectric power stations in Quebec, Ontario and Idaho, USA.
Cartier Wind EnergyMr. Gilles LefrancoisChairman of the Board(450) 928-2550, ext. 243Email: info@innergex.comORMr. Michel LetellierVice President(450) 928-2550, ext. 227Email: info@innergex.comWebsite: www.innergex.comORTransCanadaMedia InquiriesKurt Kadatz/Hejdi Feick(403) 920-7859 or (800) 608-7859ORInvestor & Analyst InquiriesDavid Moneta(403) 920-7911Website:

Pakistan Gets Huge Loan for Renewable Energy

Pakistan to get $1b ADB loan a year
ISLAMABAD, Feb 26 : The Asian Development Bank will introduce a new five-year loan programme for Pakistan and other member countries from 2006. Pakistan is expected to receive about $1 billion loans per year from the bank under the new programme, ADB Country Director in Pakistan Marshuk Shah said.
“The existing lending programme will expire by December 2005, and the ADB will start a new plan for five years period, to be implemented from January 2006 to 2010,” he said, and added the annual lending of the bank is based on the calendar year.
Shah said the bank is increasing the amount of highly concessional loans for Pakistan gradually. He said in 2004, the ADB provided $228 million soft loans, which did not involve any mark-up, but only less than one percent service charges. “In 2005, the bank has decided to increase soft loans for Pakistan to near $350 million out of total plan of $800 million for different projects.”
He said the bank would enhance the quantum of interest-free or soft-term loans in future, but further increase in soft loans for Pakistan in the upcoming programme would depend on the availability of funds with the ADB.
Shah said tsunami had eroded the funds of the bank, as it allocated around one billion dollars for the tsunami-hit countries.
He said had tsunami not taken place the bank might have increased concessional loans for Pakistan to over $500 million a year from 2006.
He said the bank was focusing on extending loans to Pakistan for infrastructure, communications and energy sectors for development, creation of employment opportunities and poverty reduction. He said in the coming two years, his bank would provide $500 million for transmission, distribution and renewable energy projects in Pakistan besides $200 million for wind, solar and other resources of alternative and renewable energy.
He said the bank had already announced about $800 million loans for various road projects in Pakistan to improve connectivity within the country as well as region, especially Afghanistan, Central Asian Republics, Iran, etc.
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NEW Wind Tower Design

Windtower Composites Receives $1.5 million Grant to Demonstrate Low Speed Wind TurbineA recent grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) will help test new turbine tower materials and erection methods that could revolutionize the wind energy industry.
As wind turbines gain in size and capacity, they become more cost effective as power plants. At the same time, however, the freight costs associated with transportation of the components - particularly the towers - and the necessity for specialized cranes become a considerable part of a project's financial equation.
Windtower Composites (WT), a Utah based technology company in partnership with SeaWest Wind Power , Inc has been selected as one of three technology teams awarded a grant for the CEC’s “Expanded Wind Regime Turbine Technology and Intermittency Management Demonstration” project solicitation. WindTower Composites, a Heber City company, received $1.5 million to demonstrate its composite wind turbine tower at a site in California in Dec. ’05. The Altamount pass site, owned by SeaWest was specifically selected for demonstration of expanded wind resources at greater heights using the new tower technology.
Previously, WT received two consecutive grants from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) for $850,000 to develop, engineer, and test the components of a 80 meter, 1.5 megawatt, lightweight wind turbine tower that uses a unique space frame geometry of carbon composite tubes. This funding also supported the engineering of a crane-less elevator lifting system for installation of the turbine and blades.
A final 65 meter and preliminary 125 meter tower design along with subscale testing have been completed with help from Brigham Young University and Southern Utah University. Full scale tube manufacturing as well as ultimate and fatigue testing at Brigham Young University will begin in late winter and is scheduled for completion in June ‘05.
The CEC grant money will offset some of the remaining costs to manufacture the crane-less elevator lifting system. WT will then use 50 percent matching funds in partnership with SeaWest Wind Power, Inc. , to purchase the 1.5 MW wind turbine to be used for testing and certification of a 80m tower/turbine combination at the California test site. This demonstration is the first step towards certification of the world’s tallest tower for 1.5 MW turbines at 125m expected in ’06.
“At standard heights, the lower weight, on-site assembly, and crane-less installation will enable small projects as well as logistically difficult sites such as ridgetops, islands, and other remote areas lacking roads infrastructure and crane access while the taller 125m tower is unique in its ability to capture more wind at greater heights at low cost” says Tracy Livingston, President of Wind Tower Composites.
“This will enable the development of Class 3 wind sites, which historically have been uneconomical to develop. Many areas are known to have a vast number of Class 3 wind sites that could be economically developed with this new technology,” added Livingston.
According to the company, the taller tower is expected to demonstrate a substantial reduction in costs of energy in even low wind shear locals.
Wasatch Wind, an affiliate of Wind Tower Composites, also plans to incorporate the space frame tower when it builds a small community owned wind farm in Spanish Fork Canyon. Currently, this wind farm is engaged in the permitting process with Spanish Fork City and has installed an 82 meter IsoTruss meteorological tower to verify the wind speeds. Wind Tower Composites will use the Spanish Fork site to further demonstrate the composite tower with the goal of obtaining certification from Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL). Certification is necessary to sell these towers to turbine manufacturers and other third parties. Once certification of the Wind Tower Composites has concluded, WT plans to build a manufacturing plant for the turbine towers in rural Utah in 2006 creating jobs and increasing its tax base.
Wind Tower Composites developed space frame towers to support large wind turbines comprising segments of lightweight composite tubes assembled into a 3-d matrix. For aesthetics, the frame is covered overall with a thin composite sheathing to achieve the look of a steel tube tower. Used to support 1.2MW turbines in heights from 60 to 100m and larger, the tower can be easily assembled at a wind farm site. Less than 10% the weight of steel tube towers, the lighter weight and onsite assembly enables self-erection and the complete elimination of expensive larger cranes from the job site. In addition, the efficient use of lightweight composites provides a more economical structure than standard steel tube towers and reduces the escalating costs of ground transportation. Contrasted to steel towers, this innovative structure has a combined cost reduction of greater than 35% resulting in a greater than 10% reduction in cost of energy at a typical class 5 wind farm. WWW Link: http://www.windtowercomposites.comWWW Link:

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Catamount Completes Texas Wind Farm

Catamount Energy Completes Texas Wind Farm
February 24, 2005
[] Vermont-based Catamount Energy announced that its second U.S. wind project has been completed and attained full commercial operations in February. Sweetwater 2, located in Nolan County, Texas, is a 91.5 MW project using 61 GE Wind turbines. Catamount is an equity investor in the project. DKRW Energy of Houston was the project developer. Babcock & Brown acted as the financial advisor for the project and is also an equity investor in the project. Babcock & Brown and Catamount supported and funded the development and construction of the project. The completion of this project gives Catamount part ownership in a total of 129 MW of operating wind projects in the U.S. The company's UK development pipeline is expected to produce the first completed projects in the 2006/2007 time frame, according Catamount CEO James Moore.

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NOW with Bill Moyers

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

FPL Energy Completes Bond Offerings

February 23, 2005 02:30 PM US Eastern Timezone FPL Energy Announces Completion of Subsidiary Bond Offerings JUNO BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 23, 2005--FPL Energy, LLC, (NYSE:FPL), today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, FPL Energy National Wind, LLC, has closed a private offering of $365 million of 5.608 percent, 19-year senior secured bonds. The bonds are rated Baa3 by Moody's Investor Service, BBB- by Standard & Poor's and BBB by Fitch Ratings.
The company also announced that FPL Energy National Wind Portfolio, LLC, another wholly owned subsidiary of FPL Energy, LLC, has closed a private offering of $100 million of 6.125 percent, 14-year senior secured bonds. These bonds are rated Ba2 by Moody's Investor Service, BB- by Standard & Poor's and BB by Fitch Ratings.
FPL Energy intends to use substantially all of the net proceeds it will receive from the offerings to repay a portion of the investment made by the company in the development, acquisition and/or construction of nine wind power projects.
"The response from investors to the National Wind financings was extraordinary and is further validation of wind energy as a viable investment option," said Moray Dewhurst, chief financial officer of FPL Group. "As the largest owner and operator of wind turbines in the U.S. with more than 2,750 megawatts in operation, FPL Energy is the only wind generator in the nation with the scale and diversity of projects to put this type of portfolio together."
The financing consisted of nine projects in five diverse wind regions of the U.S., representing 534 megawatts of capacity. The nine wind facilities included in the financing are located in North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wyoming.
Upon the consummation of this financing, FPL Energy will have raised nearly $1.1 billion of long-term, limited recourse project financing on 17 wind projects totaling 1,531 megawatts of capacity, since July of 2003.
FPL Energy is the largest generator of electricity from wind in the United States with more than 2,750 megawatts of capacity in operation. The company said it plans to add 250 to 750 megawatts of new wind to its portfolio by the end of 2005 with approximately 220 megawatts of that total already under construction.
FPL Energy is a subsidiary of FPL Group, Inc. (NYSE:FPL), one of the nation's largest providers of electricity-related services with annual revenues of more than $10 billion. FPL Energy is a leading wholesale generator utilizing clean fuels such as natural gas, wind, solar, hydroelectric and nuclear to generate electricity. It is the nation's leader in wind energy, with 43 wind facilities in operation in 15 states. Its sister subsidiary, Florida Power & Light Company, is one of the nation's largest electric utilities, serving more than 4.2 million customer accounts in Florida. Additional information is available on the Internet at, and
Note to Editors: High-resolution logos and executive head shots are available for download at .
FPL Energy, LLC, Juno BeachSteve Stengel, 888-867-3050

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

1,000 MW Wind Farm in Pakistan

Canadian firm to invest $500 million for 'Wind Farm'
ISLAMABAD: A Canadian firm, Axor Group Inc, will invest $500 million to set up a 100 megawatt (MW) 'wind farm' in Pakistan to enable the country make its entry in the league of 'Green Energy' users. The Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has registered this firm for setting up a 100 MW wind farm in Pakistan on Built Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) basis. The AEDB registered the firm after it submitted Canadian bankers comfort and financial capability letter and financing of power purchase agreement along with project proposal for the 500 million dollars investment.M Hassan, country representative of Axor Group Inc in Pakistan, while talking to media people here said that this was the first time that any Canadian company has made investment in the sector.The registration of Axor with AEDB opens the door for setting up a series of wind farms in the coastal belt of Sindh.The company will start from a 100 MW wind farm and, within 12 months of signing of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC), will set up wind farm of 100 MW and add another 100 MW till it reaches its ultimate capacity of 1,000 MW.By developing this 100 MW wind farm within the vicinity of KESC domain will help in meeting the increasing demand of electricity.Axor is sure that setting up of this first wind farm in Pakistan would be a step forward towards the target of AEDB to contribute 10 percent share in the national electricity generation mix by year 2015.The project will also help in reducing power shortage in KESC system and also save a large amount of money by supplying cheaper and environment-friendly source of energy as compared to thermal.A delegation of the company will soon visit Pakistan and meet government officials, including President, Prime Minister and Minister for Water and Power.Producing power through wind energy like other developing countries would save a large amount of foreign exchange spent on import of oil for energy generation.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cape Wind News

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Thursday, February 17, 2005
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Links and resources
• Regulators & studies- Draft Environmental Impact Statement (11/9/04)- State Environmental Secretary's decision to require an environmental impact report.- Ocean Management Task Force report on state waters.- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
• Proponents, opponents - Cape Wind Associates: Wants to build Nantucket Sound wind-power farm - Winergy LLC : Wants permits to build wind farms in 17 sites along the East Coast. - Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound: Primary opponents of Nantucket Sound wind farm - Clean Power Now: Grassroots citizens group for the Cape Wind project - Grassroots citizens group against the Cape Wind project
• Other resources - Wind over Water: Documentary about Nantucket Sound wind-power project
• World news archives - Guardian: Wind farms stall property values (Nov. 2004) - BBC: Plans for Suffolk wind farm on display (Oct. 2004) - BBC: Britons 'in favour of wind farms' (Sept. 2004) - AP: Vt. protest over state wind policy (Aug. 2004) - Guardian: Britain's wind rush splits Greens (May 2004) - AP: Vt. utility still seeks 27-turbine project (May 2004) - AP: LI utility seeks turbines off Jones Beach (May 2004) - BBC: Turbine power boost for Denmark (March 2004) - AP: Forest Service vetoes swap for project (March 2004) - AP: Berkshire wind farm contested (March 2004) - AP: Sides form over Glebe Mt., Vt. project (Feb. 2004) - AP: Vt. groups seek wind moratorium (Jan. 2004) - AP: Wind power co. files plans for Me. peak (Jan. 2004) - BBC: Britain unveils plans for offshore wind farms (Dec. 2003) - BBC: Concerns raised about Scottish projects (Dec. 2003) - KRT: New Jersey debates harvesting wind (Nov. 2003) - BBC: Work starts on North Sea project (Oct. 2003) - BBC: Lake District farm raises concerns (Sept. 2003) - BBC: Scots support green power (Aug. 2003) - BBC: Wind farms 'threaten fishing jobs' (July 2003) - BBC: UK's biggest offshore project takes shape (July 2003) - BBC: England plans 'massive' wind farms (July 2003) - BBC: Inquiry rules out wind farm (July 2003) - BBC: Residents lose wind farm battle (May 2003) - BBC: Scottish offshore projects approved (March 2003)
- AP: Board approves wind Vt. towers (Feb. 2003)
- BBC:U.K tries to change the face of energy (Feb. 2003)
- AP: Vt. wind towers concern some (Jan. 2003)
- AP: Dutch move modern mills into town (Jan. 2003)
- AP: Mt. Wachusetts wind farm stirs debate (Jan. 2003)
- ABC: Australian windfarm hit by Aboriginal claim (Nov. 2002)
- BBC: Offshore wind farm's £10m kickstart (Oct. 2002)
- BBC: Plans for 'giant' wind farm (Sept. 2002)
- BBC: Protest over N. Ireland wind farm plan (Aug. 2002)
- L.A. Times: Wind farms churn up controversy on East Coast (Aug. 2002)
- NPR report: Audio NPR report on proposed Cape Cod wind farm (April 2002)
- NYT report: The debate over the Cape proposal (April 2002)
- BBC : The UK's biggest offshore wind farm wins approval. (April 2002)
- Irish wind farm: Government approves world's largest offshore wind farm. (Jan. 2002)
- Wind power Q&A: UK looks to wind and wave power (2001)
- Germany: The world's leading producer of wind power - has expanded its capacity by 44% in the past year (Jan. 2002)
- BBC: Government approves the then-biggest wind farm in the UK, in Wales (Dec. 2001)
- BBC: Survey of Scots on wind farms (2000) -->
• Department of Energy - Wind power resources - U.S. wind news - Wind energy basics • Mass Tech Collaborative - Offshore wind outreach - Project overview - Final progress report (pdf)
• Wind power trade groups - American Wind Energy Association: News, U.S. wind projects database, wind FAQ - National Wind Coordinating Committee: Policy and issue publications; links; resources --> - Euro Wind Energy Assoc. - British Wind Energy Assoc. - Danish Wind Energy Assoc. Check out web cam for an offshore wind farm.
• Worldwide groups - CADDET: Resource site on world renewable energy - Coastal Guide: Resource site for European coastal planners wind power report, pro and con
• Companies - Vestas Wind Systems: Major wind turbine manufacturer - Blyth Offshore Wind: Offshore English wind farm - GE Wind Energy: Wind turbine maker, supplier - National Wind Power: UK wind project developer - TrueWind Solutions: maps winds of potential sites. - Airtricity : UK wind project developer, now in America
• Project critics
- Country Guardian: for the United Kingdom and beyond
- Landsforeningen Naboer til Vindmøller : Danish critic tracks facts, news

LATEST FROM THE TIMESHearing focuses on wind farm The Cape Cod Commission will hold a public hearing tomorrow night to solicit comments about the Army Corps of Engineers' Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the wind-energy project proposed for Nantucket Sound. (Feb. 7)
State voters back wind farm A wide majority of Bay State voters who have an opinion on the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm favor the project, according to a survey underwritten by its developer. (Feb. 5)
High court won't weigh in on wind The U.S. Supreme Court won't review a 2004 decision that affirmed the federal government's authority over the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm. (Jan. 29)
Cape Wind adds clout Ex-House Majority Leader Dick Armey is on the payroll of lobbying firm hired by wind-farm developer, Cape Wind Associates. (Jan. 29)
Lawmakers push wind farm delay Members of the Cape's legislative delegation are asking Gov. Mitt Romney to use his executive authority to impose a moratorium on wind turbines off the state's coastline, as New Jersey's governor did last month.(Jan. 22)
Wind farm review process explained State regulators took the stage yesterday at the Cape Cod Community College's Tilden Arts Center auditorium to give the public an overview of the regulatory process that Cape Wind's wind farm proposal has been under since 2001. (Jan. 9)
Wind farm gets strong endorsement Susan Tierney, the chairwoman of a task force that recommended the state regulate ocean development last March, has written an impassioned letter to the Army Corps of Engineers in support of the Nantucket Sound wind farm. (Jan. 8, 2005)
Wind farm opponents seeksuccessor to CEO Yearley Douglas Yearley, the head of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound will leave his post at the end of this year. Yearley was previously chief executive officer of the Phelps-Dodge mining conglomerate. (Dec. 24)
Wind project finds backers U.S. Army Corps of Engineers closed its public hearings on draft environmental report for proposed offshore wind farm. (Dec. 17)
Corps' last wind farm hearing set Several hundred people spoke at recent hearings on the proposed wind farm, but few made specific comments on the draft report that was the focus of the hearings.(Dec. 15)
Mild sparring at wind hearing Nantucket residents took their turns at the microphone to voice deeply held views on the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm. (Dec. 9)
1,000 attend wind farm forum A sometimes boisterous crowd gave Gov. Mitt Romney a standing ovation last night for bashing of proposed offshore wind farm. (Dec. 8)
Islanders sound off at hearing Sparring at Martha's Vineyard school is polite but pointed in the first hearing on the wind farm proposed on Horseshoe Shoal. (Dec. 7)
A week of sound and fury In Martha's Vineyard, the public will get the first of four chances this week to comment on the proposal for an offshore wind farm. (Dec. 5)
Wind farm vote stalled Proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm was dealt a temporary setback when state agency delayed vote on a major permit. (Dec. 1)
Cape group appeals wind farm case A Cape-based citizens group opposed to the Nantucket Sound wind farm proposal has asked the Supreme Court to intercede and order the federal court to return questions about the project's legality to a state court. (Nov. 26)
More time given for wind farm comments Corps extends comment period on draft impact report extended 45 days. (Nov. 24)
Foes gird for renewed fight Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound vows to dissect Corps' report for errors while expanding its public outreach effort. (Nov. 14)
Farm foes to seek court review A lawyer vows to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the project's legality. (Nov. 13)
Flurry of forums on wind power planned Tomorrow starts a week of informational sessions on alternative energy. (Nov. 12)
Romney in D.C., fights wind farm Gov. Mitt Romney took his fight against the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm to the White House yesterday. (Nov. 11)
U.S. laws unlikely to block wind farm New federal rules for offshore resources aren't likely to affect the Nantucket Sound wind farm project. (Nov. 10)
Draft environmental impact statement Read the Army Corps of Engineers report. (Nov. 9)
Corps' report triggers 60-day debate Favorable review means nation's first offshore wind farm could be under construction in a year. (Nov. 9) Farm backers, foes gird for fight Supporters call on Kennedy, Romney Prospect of new scenery doesn't sit well
Draft report favorable to farm Proposed wind farm would provide significant benefits and little long-term environmental disruption, says draft report. (Nov. 8)
Oil-spill response plan lacking Cape and islands towns say they want details before the final permit approvals. (Nov. 1)
Wind farm foe cites risk to radar The Barnstable Airport Commission is sufficiently concerned to appeal FAA's finding of no threat to aviation. (Oct. 19)
Wind power is gaining favor Turbines gaining favor, due in part to subsidies, better technology and higher prices for other energy sources. (Oct. 18)
Wind farm foe raises $1.8M Group spearheading opposition to a wind farm in Nantucket Sound raked in $1.7 million in direct public contributions. (Oct. 16)
Warner relented on wind farm House GOP leader urged senator to remove amendment from defense bill that could have killed the Nantucket Sound wind farm. (Oct. 9)
Move to halt wind farms dies A Virginia senator's attempt to regulate offshore wind farms was dropped from an appropriations bill yesterday. (Oct. 8)
Bill could kill wind-farm plan An amendment tacked onto a defense appropriations bill could indefinitely spell end of offshore wind power development. (Oct. 7)
Wind farm to pay Yarmouth $9.5 million Cape Wind Associates will pay the town of Yarmouth $9.5 million over 20 years as part of an agreement reached between the town and company (Oct. 6)
Coalition pursues wind report Environmentals demand Pentagon release draft evaluation on offshore wind farm. (Oct. 6)
State looks at sea boundary Before the release of a 4,000-page review of the proposed wind farm, state officials are working to assess their potential influence. (Oct. 4)
Review delay annoys Cape Wind The release of a massive environmental review of a proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm has been delayed indefinitely. (Sept. 30)
Key wind farm report delayed A key federal report on the proposed offshore wind farm will not be released until later this month due to ongoing review. (Sept. 9) Cape Wind gives college $50,000
Is review by the book? Federal officials and other observers defend the Army Corps of Engineers' study, a draft of which is due soon. (Sept. 5)
Memo may hold hints of project review findings A confidential memo may provide possible clues into what the long-awaited draft environmental impact statement for the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm will contain. (Sept. 1)
Opponents see oil spill risk Wind farm opponent urges delay in draft environmental impact statement until effect of possible oil spill are studied. (Aug. 26)
Report: Project will mar scenery A consultant says the settings of 16 historical sites will be adversely altered by building a wind farm in Nantucket Sound. (Aug. 20)
Search the Cape Cod Times archives for more on the proposed project. Suggested keywords: "wind farm"

Map of the proposed Nantucket Sound wind turbine site. Click to see other sites / Cape Cod Times map Winergy's remaining sites
Explainer graphics
Locator map: Cape Wind Associates, Sea Energy Generation and Winergy LLC of Shirley, N.Y have proposed wind projects off Nantucket and Cape Cod. - See Winergy's remaining sites • A European wind turbine in Denmark shows how Cape Cod offshore wind turbine generator might look.
• Pros and cons. A quickie overview.
• Overview of data collection tower that is key to the proposed wind farm.
A Danish crash course in wind energy : for all ages
Animation: How a wind turbine works Graphics: Closeup drawings, glossary
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Tilting at Windmills

Published on Wednesday, February 16, 2005 by the New York Times
Tilting at WindmillsLocal Environmentalism is Undermining One of Our Best Options for Slowing Global Warming
by Bill McKibben

Finally, American environmentalists have a chance to get it right about wind power.
News broke this week of plans for the first big wind energy installation in the Adirondack Park. Ten towering turbines would sprout on the site of an old garnet mine in this tiny town. They'd be visible from the ski slopes at nearby Gore Mountain, and they'd be visible too from the deep wild of the Siamese Ponds Wilderness, one of the loneliest and most beautiful parts of New York's "forever wild" Adirondack Forest Preserve, the model for a century of American conservation. In fact, it would be hard to imagine a place better suited to illustrate the controversy that wind power is causing in this country.
I know the area well; I've lived most of my adult life in this part of the world, and I've skied and backpacked through the old mine and the woods around it, searched for (and found) lost hunters, encountered its bears and coyotes and fisher, sat on its anonymous peaks and knolls and watched the hawks circle beneath. In fact, this very wilderness - these yellow birches, the bear that left that berry-filled pile of scat, those particular loons laughing on that particular lake - led me to fall in love with the world outdoors.
Which is precisely why I hope those wind turbines rise on the skyline, and as soon as possible.
The planet faces many environmental challenges, but none of them come close to global warming. In the past month new studies have shown that the trigger point for severe climate change may be closer than previously thought, and the possible consequences even more severe. Just to slow the pace of this rapid warming will require every possible response, from more efficient cars to fewer sprawling suburbs to more trains to - well, the list is pretty well endless.
But wind power is one key component. Around the world it's the fastest growing source of electric generation, mostly because the technology, unlike solar power, has evolved to the point where it's cost-competitive with fossil fuels. The Danes already generate nearly a quarter of their power from the breeze; the Germans and the Spaniards and the British are rapidly heading in the same direction.
In America, however, the growth of wind power has been slower. Partly that's because the Bush administration's stance on climate change has meant scant government support for renewable energy. But partly, too, it's because environmentalists, particularly in the crowded East, haven't come to terms with this technology. In fights in Cape Cod, the mountains of Vermont, and the ridgelines of Maryland, they've divided into bitter factions over almost every turbine proposal. On one side, national environmental groups like Greenpeace have backed many installations, arguing that the dangers of global warming far outweigh any local effects. On the other side, neighbors of proposed wind farms have joined with local chapters of big conservation groups to fight the Statue-of-Liberty-size windmills on environmental grounds, chiefly arguing that they'll destroy the scenic beauty of their areas.
That may be provincial, but it's not entirely inaccurate. These newer, more efficient turbines are enormous; part of me doesn't want to gaze out from the summit of Peaked Mountain or the marsh at Thirteenth Lake and see an industrial project in the distance. In the best of all possible worlds, we'd do without them.
But it's not the best of all possible worlds. Right now, the choice is between burning fossil fuels and making the transition, as quickly as possible, to renewable power. There are more than 100 coal-fired power plants on the drawing board in this country right now; if they are built we will spew ever more carbon into the atmosphere. And that will endanger not only the residents of low-lying tropical nations that will be swamped by rising oceans, but also the residents of the Siamese Pond Wilderness. The birch and beech and maple that turn this place glorious in the fall won't survive a rapid warming; the computer modeling for this part of the country, conducted at the University of New Hampshire, shows that if we continue with business as usual there won't even be winter as we've known it here by century's end, just one long chilly mud season.
That is not to say that every Adirondack ridgeline should be turned into a wind farm. Most are unsuitable - they're on constitutionally protected state forest preserve, they have no roads or power lines nearby, it would be criminal to wreck them in the name of clean energy. But this site is precisely the sort of place environmentalists should applaud, and insist on: it's privately owned, and there's already a road and a high-voltage line. Because of the mine, much of the land was even zoned industrial, a rarity in the park.
So here environmentalists should step back and say, especially in this cradle of American wilderness, that the price is worth paying. To see that blade turning in the blue Adirondack sky - to see the breeze made visible - should be a sign of real hope for the future.

Portland Wind Project Begins

Windfarm components arrive
18 February2005Portland Observer
WINDFARM components were transported from the Port of Portland to Kepple Prince Engineering this week in preparation for erection of the first section of the Portland Wind Energy Project at Yambuk. A HUGE shipment of components for the Yambuk section of the Portland Wind Energy Project arrived at the Port of Portland this week, marking a major step in the multi-million dollar development.
"We've waited years for this," said Keppel Prince general manager Steve Garner at the company's Darts Road plant, as dust rose in the distance from earthworks that began this week for the construction of the Vestas blade plant.
The 20 nacelles Ñ each worth over $2 million, including a generator, and weighing 45 tonnes Ñ as well as hubs, containers of equipment and three sets of blades that arrived from the US and Denmark are being stored at Keppel Prince until towers are erected at Yambuk in the next four to seven weeks.
Mr Garner said the team of 70-80 staff at Keppel Prince building towers was a third of the way through making components for the Yambuk wind farm.
Meanwhile, the Yambuk site has been handed over to contractor Vestas for development and Pacific Hydro project manager Danny Halstead said up to 70 people would be involved in establishing the wind farm, including a range of local contractors.
Track work is underway at Yambuk and Mr Halstead said the foundations for each tower would require 60 truckloads of concrete and Boral had established a temporary batch plant at the site.
Another shipment of blades for Yambuk is due from the UK on March 22 and the wind farm is expected to be completed mid-2005, with Pacific Hydro planning that construction of wind farms at capes Sir William Grant, Nelson and Bridgewater would then follow with blades constructed at the Vestas Portland plant.
Pacific Hydro spokesperson Clare Laffan said the company was investing $54 million in construction of the Yambuk wind farm and $380 million at the three capes.

Clipper Wind Power

clipper wind power
clipper : clipper wind power

Clipper Wind Power Information. Executives. News. Links. ... Innovation. D-Gen Characteristics. Overview. Wind Energy & Climate Change. Energy Security. ... 2003 Clipper Windpower, Inc. Clipper Wind Power - Project Development Clipper Windpower Project Development. Our Fleet. ... Clipper sold the Flying Cloud Project to PPM Energy in 2003. Near-Term Projects in Development. ... WIND FACTS. ... Clipper Windpower, Inc., United States United States Clipper Windpower, Inc. ... Internet, Activities, Wind Power Project Development / Wind Power Technology Development. ... Solar, Wind and Hydro Power Generation Easy to install compete systems. Cabin/Homes, inter-tie, and commercial systems. Selection, configuration and design services. CA-Clipper for Windows The FiveWin official website - 2005 Clipper & Harbour to Windows, Linux Clipper Wind Power - News History. Structure. News. Contact. Clipper Windpower, Inc. News. PPM and Clipper Windpower Dedicate Wind Plant in Iowa ... 21 to dedicate the Flying Cloud Wind Power Plant. The Honorable Governor Tom Vilsack ... development and wind turbine technology. Clipper has formed two wind power projects totally 206 ... clipper wind power ... Energy. Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program - Wind Powering America. Wind Power Pioneer Interview: Jim Dehlsen, Clipper Windpower. ... ... wind... ME3 - Energy Issues - Wind Energy Resources and Information ... Catch the Wind: Minnesota's wind-power industry is ... Wind Power. Clipper Windpower Inc. Community Energy, Inc. Crowley Ridge Wind Power Inc. Curry & Kerlinger, Inc - wind ... - BUSINESS ... Clipper Windpower's plan is to build three manufacturing plants in the ... by placing factories closer to wind farms ... Privately owned Clipper was founded in 2001 by ...,1413,36~33~265... AAEA Web Search: AAEA. Wind Power. AAEA Supports Wind Power. Wiind power is emission free and is a great source of additional electrical power for the grid. ... AAEA supports wind power as a supplemental source of ... power because Americans still demand electricity on windless nights. Three energy firms US Wind Force (Pittsburgh), Clipper ... Clipper Prices Compare Prices and Save from online Stores at Texas Wind Energy Learn about generating electricity in Texas using wind power. Wind Powering America - Wind Power Pioneer Interview: Jim Dehlsen ... ... returned to the industry and formed Clipper Windpower. ... A. Clipper's formation came from the joint ... try to further our contribution to wind power, believing that ... Testimony split on wind power ... While some praised the value of harnessing wind power to reduce dependence on foreign ... Kevin Rackstraw of Clipper Wind Power in Bethesda, Md ... Wyoming Game and Fish Department Response for Clipper Windpower ... ... NREL or Clipper WindPower should commit to this monitoring ... characteristicsof the proposed low-speed wind turbine be ... rotor-swept area from the Clipper design to ... Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative,Links ... A. Wind Energy Associations and Organizations ... § Clipper Wind Power. § Distributed Generation Systems, Inc. ... MSNBC - The Master of Wind ... The offices of his three-year-old firm, Clipper Windpower, look across the tranquil Santa Barbara ... "And that is clearing the way for the return of wind power.". ... A Mightier Wind; Wind turbines may soon be ready to competewith conventional power.(Cover Story) This article from Newsweek International is in theHighBeam Research Library. Read a preview of the article and signup for a free trial for access to millions of articles fromthousands of publications. The Master of Wind; A pioneer hones the competitive edge ofthe windmill.(Jim Dehlsen's Clipper Windpower) This article from Newsweek is in the HighBeam ResearchLibrary. Read a preview of the article and sign up for a free trialfor access to millions of articles from thousands ofpublications. Newsweek: The Master of Wind KeepMedia ... The offices of his three-year-old firm, Clipper Windpower, look across California's tranquil Santa Barbara Channel and ... And that is clearing the way for the return of wind power ... Renewable Energy Today: Federal Officials Okay Clipper Windpower ... ... to AP, Clipper Windpower is looking to develop the turbine on private land located south of Platte River Power Authority's Medicine Bow Wind Farm, with Platte ... Miller Press Business & Financial. Clipper Windpower presents update. Clipper Windpower obtained easements on thousands of acres in the Wessington Springs to Highmore area in 2001, including areas in the Ree Hills, with the plan to build wind turbines. ... The great Clipper ships recall a previous era of wind power harnessed to meet practical ... - Environmentalists trade barbs over wind power ... an acceptable trade-off for the benefits of wind power. ... of a proposed 67-turbine wind farm atop ... Developer Clipper Windpower Inc., of Carpenteria, Calif., has ... Friends of the Allegheny Front Friends of Allegheny Front. Keep Dolly Sods Wild! ... While some praised the value of harnessing wind power to reduce dependence on foreign oil, others said the 400-foot wind ... Kevin Rackstraw of Clipper Wind Power in Bethesda, Md ... California Climate Action Registry ... Since the beginning of modern wind power utilization, the wind market has been heavily dependent on the ... earlier age of wind power when the great clipper ships allowed trade ... Wind Farm Development. Wind farm developers. Offshore - Onshore. Wind farm development software Wind farm developers. Consultants for development of wind farms. Offshore and onshore. Wind farm development software. ... Clipper Wind Power. CA. The Clipper team is among the most seasoned in the wind industry with over 100 years of ... PPM Energy - Press Release PPM and Clipper Windpower Dedicate Wind Plant in Iowa. Click Here for a PDF version of this press release. July 21, 2004. DICKINSON COUNTY, Ia. ... 21 to dedicate the Flying Cloud Wind Power Plant. The Honorable Governor Tom Vilsack ... development and wind turbine technology. Clipper has formed two wind power projects totally 206 ... . . . the latest word. ... • Structuring Wind Power Developments—. Assessing and Allocating On-Shore and ... Caithness. Cielo Wind Power. Clipper Windpower, Inc. ...