Thursday, February 17, 2005

UK Wind Power

Wind Powers Ahead:Record year for UK wind as industry survey predicts £7 billion of new investment by 2010
As several thousand delegates gather in London today for Europe’s largest ever wind power conference, the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) releases new figures showing that 2004 is a record year for the rapidly expanding UK wind industry and predicting that expansion out to 2010 should result in some £7 billion of new investment into the sector.
BWEA data shows that:
This year 10 new wind projects have been commissioned totalling 240 megawatts (MW) of new capacity, with 2 more to be commissioned by the end of the year – representing almost 3 times last years build
There are currently 18 wind projects under construction totalling over 600 MW. This new capacity is all scheduled to be commissioned in 200
This year 33 new wind projects were approved through the planning system, totalling some 800 MW of new capacity. This represents an 83% approval rate for projects determined this year
There are presently 94 onshore projects in planning, representing some 4,767 MW of capacity equal to some 5% of the nation’s electricity needs.
Looking out to 2010, BWEA released new findings following a survey of 6 major companies at the centre of the development of wind power. The survey shows that:
By 2010 it is predicted that there will be some 7,500MW of wind power installed in the UK. Half of that is predicted to be onshore and half is predicted to be offshore
This represents some 7.5% of the nation’s electricity needs, approximately three-quarters of the Government’s 2010 renewable energy target
It also represents an investment of £7 billion over the next six years.
Marcus Rand, BWEA Chief Executive said;
“These are exciting times for the wind industry. At long last we are developing a healthy and vibrant market here in the UK, the windiest nation in Europe. This year has been a record breaking one for the industry and the indications are that next year will be even bigger.”
“There is clearly a strong optimism within the industry. We need to ensure that the necessary support is maintained and enhanced to turn this optimism and our onshore and offshore predictions into firm realities. Much rests on the success of wind, not least the meeting of our climate and renewable targets and the improvement of our nation’s overall energy security. This new research should provide confidence that wind is capable of delivering its part.”
BWEA is the UK’s leading renewable energy trade association, championing the UK wind and marine industries, with 345 companies active in the sectors in membership
The European Wind Energy Conference and exhibition, EWEC 2004, is being held at the Wembley Conference Centre, 22-25 November. Over 250 companies are exhibiting while 180 speakers will present in 40 separate business, technical and workshop sessions. Details at
Companies participating in the wind industry survey were Airtricity, Gamesa Energy UK, npower renewables, Renewable Energy Systems, ScottishPower and Shell WindEnergy.
The UK Government has put in place a target that 10% of the UK’s electricity supply should be generated by renewable technologies by 2010. The Renewables Obligation
For further information on this or any other aspect of the UK wind industry, contact Alison Hill, Head of Communications on 07956 859 749.
Graphics on industry statistics:
This charts the total number of megawatts of new wind capacity both on and offshore which has been approved through the planning system and has yet to be built: namely over 2,000 MW in 68 separate schemes (1039 MW from 9 developments offshore). Combined, these represent some 2% of total UK electricity needs when completed.
This chart represents the total number of megawatts of wind projects currently in the planning system. These 96 projects, inc. 2 offshore, with a combined total of over 5,000 MW potentially represent some 5% of UK electricity needs assuming planning permission is granted.
The map above shows the location of the 600 MW plus of new wind power projects currently under construction in the UK and scheduled for commissioning by end 2005.
Click here for a list of new wind farms coming online in 2004
Click here for a list and map of all operating wind farms in the UK
The figure below illustrates annual build rate for wind energy in the UK, which averaged an annual 55 MW until the introduction of the Renewables Obligation. In 2003, the UK installed just over 100 MW of new wind capacity – a record which will be almost tripled in 2004.