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Kyoto Protocol: Wind power is essential for any Government´s top 5 ´Climate to-do´ list

The EWEA - European Wind Energy Association - today welcomed the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol, as wind power is one of the leading global solutions to tackle climate change. “Wind power is one of the few power technologies that has the maturity, clout and global muscle to deliver deep cuts in CO2. Wind power is a proven technology and it has to be in any Government´s top 5 ´Climate to-do´ list”, said Corin Millais CEO of EWEA.

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Wind energy sector criticises lack of competition in European power markets

"Real competition in European power markets is a myth. It is impossible to create effective competition in the European market for renewable electricity unless effective competition is first introduced in the conventional power market. Unless the current distortions in the emerging Internal Electricity Market are overcome, there will be no effective market for renewables to compete in", said Corin Millais, CEO of EWEA.

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Wind power continues to grow in 2004 in the EU, but faces constraints of grid and administrative barriers

Industry statistics released today for the EU wind energy market show that cumulative wind power capacity increased by 20% to 34,205MW at the end of 2004, up from 28,568 MW at the end of 2003. 5,703 MW of wind power capacity were installed last year, representing a wind turbine manufacturing turnover of some €5.7 billion.

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Final R&D Workshop

Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy - February 18th.The final one-day workshop of the Wind Energy R&D Network will be held at the European Commission Joint Research Centre at Ispra, Italy on February 18th. Delegates will prioritise and fine-tune the R&D tasks to be undertaken to meet EU targets for wind energy, laying the basis for development of a “Strategic Research Agenda” in preparation for the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for R&D (FP7).

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EREC Position Paper on the future of support systems for RES-e

This Position Paper incorporates the ideas of EREC and its Members, the European renewable energy industry, trade and research associations about the evaluation later this year of the Directive on the promotion of electricity from renewable energy sources, adopted in 2001.

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EWEA publishes Position Paper on the future of EU Support Systems for the Promotion of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) supports the intention to eventually adopt support mechanisms for renewable electricity that are compatible with an undistorted Internal Market. However, any shift to a Community-wide mechanism must be well prepared, and follow after effective competition in the Internal Electricity Market has been achieved.

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EWEA calls for wind energy to be reinstated as a priority research area under FP7 Programme

In its response to the European Commission's stakeholder consultation on thematic priorities for FP7, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) signals the great scale of the R&D work that remains to be carried out if the EU is to attain its objectives under, inter alia, the Lisbon Agenda, and the RES-E Directive. Following dramatically reduced funding for wind energy R&D under the European Commission FP6 Programme, EWEA calls for wind energy to be reinstated as a priority research area under FP7 within a new "Renewable Energy Systems" budget line, which conforms to the definition of renewable energies as laid out in the RES-E Directive. This document, submitted in response to the Commission's stakeholder consultation on FP7 research themes, represents the consolidated view of the European wind sector.

EWEA FP7 Submission

BWE and VDMA on German Grid study: Optimal integration of wind energy into the grid is possible - Misinterpretations must be avoided

Following the German Energy Agency DENA study "Integration of wind energy in to the grid", the German Associations BWE and VDMA have expressed their views. The press release is available in English and German. More detailed information will be available at the end of February.

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Renewables industry calls for a separate budget line in FP7 programme

Transparency is the important issue when looking at energy R&D funding. Renewable energy R&D funding has been declining - a drop of 40-50% in real terms for the EU-15 Member States since the 1980s. Funds to conventional fuels outstrip that of renewables. FP7 is the EU's Framework programme for R&D funding, and runs from 2007-2010. More detail on energy R&D funding in this EREC briefing.

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Wind energy is now world-scale

Over 4200 participants from 44 countries attended the recent four-day 2004 European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (EWEC) in London.255 companies exhibited, 220 speakers and chairmen presented in 40 scientific, technical, business and policy sessions alongside 300 poster presentations, reinforcing EWEC's reputation as Europe's premier wind energy event. The next EWEC will take place in Athens, Greece, from 27 Feb - 02 March 2006.

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Offshore wind: Europe’s major indigenous energy source could satisfy all of Europe’s electricity demand

Whilst land-based wind farms will continue to provide the core contribution to ongoing development, the new frontier for wind energy is offshore, said the European Wind Energy Association at 2004 EWEC, the wind industry conference in London today. "EWEA's expectation is that by 2010 up to 10,000 MW of offshore wind capacity could be operating around European coasts", said Corin Millais, CEO of EWEA.

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EWEA publishes main data about wind power industry

EWEA has released 5 main factsheets that provide essential reading about wind power core data on the following topics: current status of the wind industry; future prospects for wind power markets; wind power and the environment; economics; and technology.

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2004 EWEC: Total installed wind power worldwide could quadruple from 40 GW to 160 GW by 2012

European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) scenarios show that the future prospects of the global wind industry are promising and in 6 years the total wind power installed worldwide could quadruple from 40GW to 160GW by 2012. EWEA's scenarios assess the potential for global wind energy development to 2012 and examine the future shape of the international wind power market.

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Wind power on course to become major European energy source by end of the decade

The European wind industry is capable of reaching a target of 75,000 MW of wind power by 2010, said industry leaders as over 4,000 participants gathered for the European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition (EWEC).28,500MW has been built to date in Europe. The European Wind Energy Association's target of 75 GW would provide electricity equal to the needs of 86 million Europeans, deliver one third of all new EU generation capacity and meet one third of the EU's total Kyoto commitment by 2010.

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