Sunday, January 09, 2005

Germany Talks to India on Wind Energy

Germany in talks with India on wind energy23.39 IST 24th Dec 2004 By IndiaExpress Bureau Germany is in talks with India on possible bilateral ties in the area of wind energy and "the two countries are moving very closely to strike a comprehensive understanding"."Germany has already taken up the matter with the Indian government and the indications are positive," German Ambassador Heimo Richter said in an Assocham statement in New Delhi.Germany is the global leader in the production of wind energy and would be able to lend technology support to India for producing this form of non-conventional energy, he said.Though just two per cent of the total energy produced in India is from wind energy, estimates by the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources say the country can harness wind power up to 45,000 mw from the current 3000 mw provided it imports technology and equipment.Of the 40,000 mw wind energy produced globally, Germany alone contributes 16,000 mw and it would be a good idea if India imports technology and tools from the world leader, Assocham president M K Sanghi said.He said though the initial cost for such ventures would be high, the return on the sort of investments in the long run would be highly appreciated.