Tuesday, January 11, 2005

GE Wind Energy

Renewable Energy SolutionsAt GE Energy, we know that renewable energy will be an integral part of the world energy mix throughout the 21st century. Our commitment is to help our worldwide partners and customers design and implement wind energy solutions for their unique energy needs.> Company Snapshot> Our Products> Our Technology> Worldwide Capabilities> Image Gallery> Just 4 Kids & Teachers> Contact Wind Energy
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GE Energy is one of the world’s leading wind energy companies and wind turbine suppliers. With over 6,900 worldwide wind turbine installations comprising more than 5,200 MW of capacity, our knowledge and expertise spans more than two decades.We currently design and produce wind turbines ranging from 1.5 to 3.6 megawatts. We also manufacture advanced wind turbine blades to assure the highest quality, advanced designs and quick on-time delivery.
> 1.5 MW Wind TurbineWith more than 2,500 units in operation worldwide, the 1.5 MW continues to be one of the world’s most widely used wind turbines in its class.
> 2.X MW Wind TurbineOur 2.3, 2.5 and 2.7 MW class of wind turbine provides highly cost effective operation, especially at wind sites where space is limited.
> 3.6 MW Wind TurbineWith a rotor diameter of 341 feet and a swept area of 91,439 square feet, the 3.6 MW wind turbine is ideal for offshore markets worldwide.
> December 1, 2004 -- Pakistan to Launch Its First Commercial Wind Project> November 30, 2004 -- GE to Supply 207 Wind Turbines for MidAmerican Energy Company's Wind Generation Project> November 22, 2004 -- Wind Turbines from GE Being Erected for New Project in NorthWestern Spain> More press releases>
Current Events
• Nov 22-24: European Wind Energy Conference, London, England• Nov 30 - Dec 2: Powergen International Conference & Exhibition, Orlando, Florida, USA• Nov 30 - Dec 3: Pollutec International Exhibition, Lyon, FranceOct 31 - Nov 4: Asia Windpower Conference & Exhibition, Beijing, China-->May 25-27: Powergen Europe, Barcelona, Spain-->
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