Monday, December 06, 2004

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FOCUS THIS MONTH:Renewables policy upheaval threatens in Europe
Dull and distant as EU policies and politics are generally perceived, they have probably had the most positive impact on the growth of wind power of any market influence in the world. But with a new European Commissioner for energy and a new European Parliament, there is no guarantee that will continue. For a start, the new parliament's energy committee... More
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Corporate giant Siemens sets up division for wind turbine manufacture after buying Bonus
Carbon emissions trade working for wind in practice but looking doubtful in theory
Building financial muscle in the wind industry demands a cure for project finance myopia
Financing revolution in German wind sector sees beginning of the end of citizens' ownership
Negligible risk to wildlife from offshore wind revealed by early research work
Wind producers in Spain abandon fixed purchase prices and swap to trading on wholesale market
United States Senators fail in backroom sabotage bid to stop Cape Cod offshore plant
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OPINION COLUMN:The challenges of growth
No sooner had this magazine decided to preach a lesson to the industry about the need to build its financial muscle than news flooded in to demonstrate that it was doing just that. Siemens' purchase of Bonus is the... More
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Did You Know?
There is a way to solve the ills of Britian's Renewables Obligation. Here's how
Wind power advocates in Britain are wrong about the need to invest huge amounts in new transmission lines.
Wind power is busy disproving die-hard utility theory that it can never provide significant volumes of power economically.
The threats to wind are nearly as great as the opportunities in the market for carbon emission reductions.
Renewables could be elbowed out of the way by a hydrogen economy, and for all the wrong reasons.
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