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Wind energy is now world-scale

Over 4200 participants from 44 countries attended the recent four-day 2004 European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (EWEC) in London.255 companies exhibited, 220 speakers and chairmen presented in 40 scientific, technical, business and policy sessions alongside 300 poster presentations, reinforcing EWEC's reputation as Europe's premier wind energy event. The next EWEC will take place in Athens, Greece, from 27 Feb - 02 March 2006.

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Offshore wind: Europe’s major indigenous energy source could satisfy all of Europe’s electricity demand

Whilst land-based wind farms will continue to provide the core contribution to ongoing development, the new frontier for wind energy is offshore, said the European Wind Energy Association at 2004 EWEC, the wind industry conference in London today. "EWEA's expectation is that by 2010 up to 10,000 MW of offshore wind capacity could be operating around European coasts", said Corin Millais, CEO of EWEA.

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EWEA publishes main data about wind power industry

EWEA has released 5 main factsheets that provide essential reading about wind power core data on the following topics: current status of the wind industry; future prospects for wind power markets; wind power and the environment; economics; and technology.

Future Prospects Economy Environment Current Status

2004 EWEC: Total installed wind power worldwide could quadruple from 40 GW to 160 GW by 2012

European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) scenarios show that the future prospects of the global wind industry are promising and in 6 years the total wind power installed worldwide could quadruple from 40GW to 160GW by 2012. EWEA's scenarios assess the potential for global wind energy development to 2012 and examine the future shape of the international wind power market.

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EWEA and WindEnergy International Trade Fair continue successful cooperation

Following successful cooperation in 2004, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) will once more be the official international cooperation partner at WindEnergy 2006 - International Trade Fair in Hamburg. Dietmar Aulich, Managing Director of the Hamburg Fair, Corin Millais, CEO of EWEA, and Arthouros Zervos, President of EWEA, signed an agreement on cooperation at the European Wind Energy Conference in London today.

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Wind power on course to become major European energy source by end of the decade

The European wind industry is capable of reaching a target of 75,000 MW of wind power by 2010, said industry leaders as over 4,000 participants gathered for the European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition (EWEC).28,500MW has been built to date in Europe. The European Wind Energy Association's target of 75 GW would provide electricity equal to the needs of 86 million Europeans, deliver one third of all new EU generation capacity and meet one third of the EU's total Kyoto commitment by 2010.

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EWEA publishes Position Paper on the future of EU Support Systems for the Promotion of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) supports the intention to eventually adopt support mechanisms for renewable electricity that are compatible with an undistorted Internal Market. However, any shift to a Community-wide mechanism must be well prepared, and follow after effective competition in the Internal Electricity Market has been achieved.

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Energy: Effective Competition in conventional power is a myth in European Power Markets

Effective competition in the European power markets is just a myth: there is no real competition on more than 90% of the EU electricity market, and unless the current distortions in the emerging Internal Electricity Market are overcome, there will be no effective Internal Renewable Electricity Market for Renewables to compete in, according to a briefing released today by EREC, the European Renewable Energy Council.

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UK Looks for 8,000 MW On Land and Offshore

With a series of large projects recently gaining consent for construction, the UK wind industry is aiming to contribute 80% of the government's target for renewables in 2010. Altogether this year, thirty projects with a total capacity of over 770 MW have been given the go-ahead. But the challenge now is to turn those permits into turbines in the ground, finally proving that the UK can capitalise on its status as Europe's windiest country.

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Wind Power Costs - the Facts Within the Fiction

Wind power is often criticized as being economically "uncompetitive". Yet the real cost of wind power has decreased dramatically - by 50% over 15 years - and that trend is set to continue.Wind power is undergoing rapid development, from a European as well as a global perspective. Within the past 10 years, the global installed capacity of wind power has increased more than tenfold. This has seen it rise from approximately 2.8 GW, as of 1993, to just under 40 GW at the end of 2003...


Declaration maps out the future for offshore

"For the first time, representatives from Governments, Energy Agencies, NGOs and industry have agreed on the essential elements that are necessary to unlock the potential of Europe´s massive offshore wind energy resources", said Corin Millais, CEO of the European Wind Energy Association, EWEA. "This is a great leap forward for offshore wind power in Europe".

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Security of energy supply: offshore wind can be the answer to Europe’s energy crunch

Europe’s energy imports are set to rise from 50 to 70%, while demand for oil and gas is increasing worldwide and at the same time supply is constrained. The offshore wind power industry has the potential of developing into an industry the same size as the offshore oil and gas. Industry estimates from the European Wind Energy Association, EWEA, show that a sea area of 150,000 square kilometres with a water depth of less than 35 metres for offshore wind could provide enough power to satisfy all of Europe’s electricity demand.

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World Renewable Energy leaders announce China wind push

During four days of discussions in Beijing, Greenpeace, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association (CREIA) have formed an historic partnership, committing themselves to ensuring that wind power plays a key role in China's energy future. Due to rapid economic growth, China has faced power shortages and a huge increase in energy imports in recent months. The groups pledged to assist China to "meet, if not exceed, the new Renewable Energy targets" it announced in Germany in June.

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