Friday, January 20, 2006

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Tower Tech Systems, Inc.

Tower Tech Systems, Inc.
Stock Exchange Over the Counter Bulletin Board
Stock Symbol BLFT
PR Firm
Telephone (800) 787-5439
Fax (920) 684-5579

Address Information:
101 South 16th Street
PO Box 1957
Manitowoc, WI 54221-1957

Tower Tech Systems, Inc. is a state of the art manufacturing facility, dedicated to the complete production of wind towers. Dedicated from start up to exclusively produce complete wind towers and monopiles, all production equipment is brand new, state of the art, tailored and optimized for the mass production. The production plant features high definition plasma and oxy-fuel contour plate beveling by ALLTRA, automated plate rolling by FACCIN USA, and tandem wire submerged arc welding units by MILLER ELECTRIC.

Located on a 46 acre peninsula, Tower Tech leases (or has options to lease) more than 700,000 square feet of heavy manufacturing under roof. The unique site also features direct rail and highway access, as well as a deep water shipping channel with direct access to Lake Michigan. Tower Tech can uniquely offer wind tower support structure, monopile and turbine structure fabrication and assembly all in one location.

The Industry

Tower Tech is at the forefront of the burgeoning passive energy industry. It has already manufactured, per customer specs, the country's tallest tower, erected in the state of Wyoming. With only a handful of manufacturers in the US, the demand for towers far exceeds the total combined production ability of all US manufacturers. The demand is fueled by current US energy regulations that require most states to develop or convert a portion of energy production to passive energy alternatives. Tower Tech currently has a production capacity of 300 towers per year and will expand to 400-500 towers per year by 2009. Tower Tech currently has a production contract with VESTAS, Inc., which allows VESTAS to purchase all towers manufactured by Tower Tech. VESTAS, a Denmark conglomerate, is the largest energy production and management company in the world.