Thursday, November 10, 2005

India's wind energy output touches 4,228 MW- The Economic Times

India's wind energy output touches 4,228 MW

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NEW DELHI: Power generation from windmills in India, the world's fourth largest producer of wind energy, has increased fourfold in the past three years, according to a government statement.

The country produces 4,228 megawatts of power from windmills, including 632 megawatts added in April-September, the first half of the fiscal year.

"In addition, the ministry of non-conventional energy sources has prepared master plans for 97 potential sites aggregating to 15,062 MW wind power potential," the statement said.

India is encouraging power generation from new sources to reduce dependence on imported crude oil, which accounts for 70 percent of domestic oil consumption.

It is also promoting research in plant-based fuels such as bio-diesel and ethanol.

The country's crude oil import bill, which stood at $27 billion in 2004/05, is expected to rise this year.

U.S. crude prices hit a record $70.85 at the end of August, but have since fallen by more than $11 and were steady below $50 on Wednesday.