Monday, July 25, 2005

Website part of Ontario power play

Website part of Ontario power play

By Bryan Meadows - The Chronicle-Journal

July 23, 2005

The province has launched a website aimed at fostering wind power opportunities.

Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay said Friday that the new online wind energy map and interactive website “are fantastic tools for developing more clean energy.”

“With these tools, we are making it easier for people who want information on locating wind energy sites and developing wind power opportunities,” he said.

The website — — provides easy access to valuable information for the public and those interested in wind energy development. In addition to the map, the website links to other wind energy websites.

Map users can search for specific locations or view any area of the province to obtain wind speeds and other energy information for that location. It is expected to assist electricity utilities, private wind energy developers, individuals, government planners and university researchers in determining the best possible sites for wind power development.

With wind energy the fastest growing form of energy in the world, the province wants to achieve five per cent of all generating capacity from new renewable sources, like wind power, by 2007.

Meanwhile, in the Thunder Bay area Ventus Energy Inc.’s has begun an environmental assessment on its proposal to develop a 100-megawatt wind generation facility on 8,000 acres of municipal, private and Crown land.

If approved under the Ontario Environmental Screening for Electricity Projects, 65 wind power turbines, each generating 1.5 to two megawatts of electricity, will be set up across the property.

The first public information and consultation session will be held sometime this fall.