Sunday, June 26, 2005

THE Irish wind energy sector is set to become a model for other countries

Examiner: "27/06/05
Wind energy sector set to become industry model
By David Clerkin
THE Irish wind energy sector is set to become a model for other countries, thanks to a new set of industry standards, the operator of the national power network said yesterday.

ESB National Grid, which operates the country�s system of power lines and transmission substations, said its Wind Grid Code would be a leading-edge guide for the wind energy industry around the world.

The code sets out minimum standards and specifications that windfarm operators must meet to gain access to the national grid. It was developed in conjunction with the wind power industry.

�Ireland is in a unique position as an island system, with very rapid growth in wind power. This means that the Irish industry has been finding solutions to challenges which are only now beginning to emerge abroad,� said a spokesman for ESB National Grid.

The Irish requirements to produce accurate models for the operation of wind turbines meant that turbine manufacturers who were successful in getting connected could capitalise on this by selling their turbines in other countries.

The use of wind power in Ireland has shot up in recent years. Wind turbines are now capable of generating enough power to supply more than 100,000 homes. "